//What’s Happening in April? Events Near Your Home at Cinnamon Apartments in Hayward CA

What’s Happening in April? Events Near Your Home at Cinnamon Apartments in Hayward CA

One of the benefits of living at Cinnamon Apartments in Hayward is that there’s always something to do. Many of the activities scheduled for April are free for anyone who wants to attend. If you are trying to think of something new and different your friends can do this month, consider going to these events.

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Laughter Yoga on April 1

You may not think of yoga and laughter at the same time, but they go together a lot easier than you think. Join a class taught by a certified instructor and see how the right combination of exercises, breathing techniques, and a light-hearted approach to life can help you feel better physically and emotionally.

Laughter Yoga will be held at the Hayward Main Library on C Street from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m. If you don’t have a yoga mat or some type of special outfit, don’t worry. All you need is comfortable clothing, a bottle of water, and a smile to get the most out of this event.

Meek Mansion Open House on April 8

Have you been curious about what the Meek Mansion on Boston Road looks like on the inside? On April 8 from 10:00 a.m. to noon, you’ll have a chance to find out. Along with a tour, there will also be an afternoon egg hunt held on the grounds for the kids. Admission to the main floor is free for the first two hours of the day.

Bunco Madness Day on April 22

Are you crazy about Bunco? Are you a little curious? Come on out to the Hill and Valley Club on B Street and find out what Bunco Madness Day is all about. The event begins at 10:30 a.m. and includes plenty of play along with a salad bar luncheon. Tickets must be reserved in advance, so make sure to call and reserve yours before April 15. This is a fundraising event, but the donation is modest compared to the amount of food and fun you can cram into those four hours.

Is Hayward Haunted? Find Out on April 25

If the subject of the other world appeals to you, make plans to attend a presentation on Hayward’s haunted houses. Along with the Meek Mansion, the McConaghy House will be featured. Learn about the data collected by professional ghost hunters and paranormal experts, including cold spots, electronic voice captures, apparition appearances, and a lot more.

The presentation will be held at the San Lorenzo Public Library on Paseo Grande. For those who would like to join in future studies, information on how to get involved with some of the local paranormal groups will be provided.

These are only a few of the events that you can enjoy during April. Gather a few of your friends at your home in Cinnamon Apartments and make plans to attend a few of these unique activities. Once the day is over, you can come home to your apartment, put up your feet, and reflect on all the fun you had.

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