//Tips for Making the Most of Your Cinnamon Apartments Balcony

Tips for Making the Most of Your Cinnamon Apartments Balcony

One of the features that you like about your apartment in Hayward, CA is the fact there’s a balcony included. Now that you are moved in, it’s time to think about what to do with the space. Here are some ideas you can use to make the space one of your favorite places to relax and enjoy a breath of fresh air.


Start With a Rug

You may not think of a rug as something to add to your Cinnamon Apartments balcony, but the right one provides an immediate dash of color. Go with one that covers most of the square footage and makes it easier to define your space. Remember to choose a rug that has a non-skid backing and is made using materials appropriate for outdoor use.

Consider Investing in a Baker’s Rack

A baker’s rack is not just for use inside your apartment. Find one that will fit neatly along the wall next to the balcony door. A taller rack provides the ideal place to arrange a series of smaller potted plants.

Remember to buy a metal rack that’s coated with a protective sealant. That will ensure the weather doesn’t damage the finish. You also won’t have to be concerned if you get a little water on the rack while taking care of your plants.

Create a Conversation Area

Purchase a couple of comfortable outdoor chairs and a small table to dress up one end of the balcony. If you like, add a battery-powered lamp to the table. This creates a nice place to have coffee in the morning or to visit with a friend.

For inspiration on the colors for the outdoor chair cushions, turn to the rug currently gracing the balcony floor. Go with a pattern that works well with the rug colors, or pick out a single color and invest in cushions in that one solid hue. Remember that you can dress the table with some type of vinyl cloth and even add a small plant along with the lamp to provide more visual balance. Once the space is set up, you can enjoy the balcony any time of the day or night.

Feel Free to Mix Materials and Colors

There’s no rule that says everything you place on the balcony has to be the same color or material. You’ll find that using multiple materials as well as colors adds visual spice to the space.

For example, pair that metal baker’s rack with a set of wooden rocking chairs and a wooden occasional table sporting smoked glass top. You can always dress the table up or down with covers that match your current mood. Paint the rocking chairs or apply a protective coating to keep the wood grain looking it’s best.

There are all sorts of ways to dress your balcony at Cinnamon Apartments even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend. Going to a couple of yard sales and visiting a thrift shop or two will provide plenty of accessories and furniture to create the look you want. Once the space is set up, it will quickly become one of your favorite places to spend time.

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