//Tips for Getting Your Home at Cinnamon Apartments Ready for Summer

Tips for Getting Your Home at Cinnamon Apartments Ready for Summer

Summer will be here before you know it. Even as you make plans for more outdoor activities, it pays to think about adding some seasonal touches to your home at Cinnamon Apartments in Hayward, CA. You don’t need tons of money to add a few summer touches to the place. All you need is a little ingenuity. Here are some ideas that will help you get started.


Adding Summer to the Dining Room Table

Summer is a great time to bring in the colors normally associated with the beach and use them to dress your dining table. One easy approach is to visit a local thrift shop and find a queen-sized flat sheet in summer colors. One quick run through the laundry paired with a simple ironing is all it takes to have a light and airy tablecloth.

Add to the look by investing in a tall clear glass vase. You can find them at local thrift shops in Hayward without a lot of trouble. Head to the beach and collect seashells and smaller pieces of driftwood. Layer them in the vase and use it as the centerpiece. That’s all it takes to add a bit of summer to your dining area.

Moving into the Living Area

There’s no need to replace furnishings in order to give your living area a summer look. The sofa can be transformed with the use of a slipcover. Go with a brighter color or pattern that still works with most of the other decor. Pick up that same color or pattern and make cheap covers for the throw pillows used on the other chairs.

Transforming the floor means taking up and putting away the area rug you currently use. Haunt thrift shops and flea markets until you find an affordable rug that’s close to the same size and happens to sport the colors needed for a summer look.

For the coffee table, invest in a round glass bowl and fill it with sand from the beach. Arrange a few tea lights in the sand. The warm glow on a summer night will be a little like having your own indoor campfire without visions of setting your place on fire.

Don’t Forget the Bedroom

You can add a summer touch to the bedroom by making a cover for your comforter. All you need is basting tape and a couple of king sized sheets. Measure the comforter and cut the sheets to fit. make sure to allow a couple of extra inches all the way around so you can create seams using the basting tape and an iron. Once the case for your comforter is complete, turn it inside out so the seams are less visible. Slide the comforter into the case and sew on a few buttons to seal the open end.

You can also brighten the window treatment by taking down the drapes and running a set of matching flat sheets onto a curtain rod. You’ll be surprised at how they make the room seem a little larger.

These are only a few ways to bring the summer into your Cinnamon Apartments home. Look around the place and you’ll soon come up with a few more ways to add some beautiful touches that reflect the season.

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