//Living in Harmony: Getting Along With Your Neighbors

Living in Harmony: Getting Along With Your Neighbors


Now that you are settled in your new Cinnamon Apartments home in Hayward, it’s time to become part of the community. That doesn’t mean you have to volunteer for a lot of committees or spend all your time introducing yourself to everyone in the building. It does mean that you should develop a few habits that ensure you get along with your new neighbors. Here are some tips that will help.

Saying Hello Works

Instead of knocking on doors and introducing yourself, get in the habit of smiling and saying hello to anyone you happen to pass on the grounds. Most people will return the greeting and that may be enough for both of you. That greeting may also lead to developing a friendship or two as time goes on.

Do Your Part to Keep Common Areas Clean

Setting your trash outside the apartment door with plans to take it down later is not the best move. The same goes for leaving things in any of the areas where others also spend time. If you use the laundry room, don’t leave your clothing in the dryer for long periods of time or spread your belongings out on a folding table while the clothes are drying. Picking up after yourself is a strong sign of a good neighbor.

Buy Your Own Internet Access

There may be neighbors who haven’t secured their connections for one reason or another. That’s not an invitation for you to help yourself. Never connect to a neighbor’s network without permission. If you can’t afford Internet access at home right now, take your device to a hot spot when you need to browse or check your email.

Little Favors Go a Long Way

As people get to used to you being around, some are likely to call on you if they need a small favor. If it’s something you can do, go right ahead. That cup of sugar you lend or helping with changing a flat tire builds more goodwill. The day may come when you will need a favor and rest assured those you helped will remember.

Manage Your Noise

One thing you will learn quickly in an apartment complex is that not everyone works the same hours or goes to bed at the same time. That’s just as true at Cinnamon Apartments as anywhere else If you have decided to rent apartment in Hayward be considerate of others and learn how to manage the noise you generate.

To get an idea of how easily sound travels, turn up the volume on your television and step outside your door. If you can still hear the sound clearly, it’s a safe bet that your neighbors in the adjoining units can hear it too. Keep the noise down and your neighbors who work nights or need quiet to get tasks done will love you for it.

While living in an apartment may be a change, identify ways you can be a good neighbor. Your efforts will pay off in the way of making new friends, feeling comfortable on the premises, and making your rented space into a true home.

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