//Ideas for Storing Your Bike in Your Home at Cinnamon Apartments

Ideas for Storing Your Bike in Your Home at Cinnamon Apartments

While one of the amenities offered at Cinnamon Apartments in Hayward, CA is a place for bike storage on the premises, you like the idea of having your bicycle close at hand. Fortunately, there are several ways you can store the bike in your apartment and always be ready to wheel it out and take off whenever you like. Here are some interesting approaches that will fit nicely in your apartment.


Bike/Book Case

This interesting storage solution makes it possible to tuck your bicycle away and create an interesting display area at the same time. Cases of this kind are much like the standard units you can arrange along any wall. What’s different is the configuration of the unit itself.

One half of the unit is an open compartment that comes with a rack to hold your bike in a vertical position. The other half includes a series of smaller shelves that you can fill with anything you like. One of the smaller shelves can be where you keep your bike helmet. The shelf near the bottom is perfect for the running shoes you wear when biking. Fill the rest with small plants, books, or framed pictures.

Floating Bike Shelf

This solution allows you to secure a small shelf by drilling into the wall studs and attaching the shelf with the right hardware. The result is a floating shelf with grooved area underneath. The cross bar on your bike hangs neatly in that grooved area. The shelf space just above the grooved area provides display space for a nice plant, books, or other decorative items.

The shelf is available in a number of different finishes. That makes it easy to go with a wood grain that matches the hardwood floors at Cinnamon Apartments or pick up one of the colors you are using for the other elements in the room.

A Gravity Stand

The metal finish on this storage solution makes a nice addition to a contemporary decor and provides space to store one or two bikes with ease. The adjustable hooks make it easy to configure the stand so it’s the perfect fit for your bike. Since the stand does not take up much floor space, it’s easy to use in in one corner of the bedroom or along any wall you like. While the hooks hold the bike firmly in place, you’ll have no problem lifting the bike off the stand when you are ready for a tide.

The Bike Tree

This solution is a lot like a gravity stand but with one important difference: it’s designed to look a bit like a thin tree trunk with a few faux branches in just the right places. Those branches are actually cleverly-designed hooks that make it easy to mount one or two bikes in a horizontal position.

If you prefer to store your bike inside your Hayward Cinnamon Apartments home, there are all sorts of ways to make use of a corner or a bit of wall space and have it blend in with the rest of the decor. Check some of those options out and see which one will work best for you.

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