//Being a Good Neighbor: Hosting a Party at Cinnamon Apartments

Being a Good Neighbor: Hosting a Party at Cinnamon Apartments

One of the great things about the units at Cinnamon Apartments in Hayward CA is the amount of space that the main living and dining rooms offer. When the occasion arises and you want to have some type of party, a lot of the attention goes into planning the menu, coming up with the right entertainment options, and in general making sure your guests have what they need to enjoy themselves. Along with the party proper, being a responsible tenant also means addresses a couple of other essentials. Here are some suggestions that will help.


Alerting the Neighbors

It never hurts to let the neighbors know you are hosting a party this coming Saturday afternoon or evening. A nice touch is to invite the neighbors that you know in the units to each side of yours, plus those in the units above and below. Even if you don’t know them, making sure they are aware of the upcoming party is a good idea.

If knocking on each door seems like a bit much, it’s fine to slip a note under their doors. Let them know when the party will start and how long you expect it to last. Don’t forget to include a way for them to contact you, either by text or by using your mobile phone number. Doing so will ensure that if the noise is disturbing them, they know how to touch base with you before calling anyone else.

Addressing the Parking

The last thing you want is for any of your Cinnamon Apartments neighbors to be inconvenienced by all of the parking spaces being taken up by your guests. One way to minimize this problem is to ask your guests to car pool or make use of the local transit system if possible. If they don’t mind walking a few blocks, there’s also public parking that they can use. Working out the parking arrangements ahead of time will be in the best interests of everyone concerned.

Make Temporary Changes to the Living and Dining Rooms

There are some ways that you can reduce the amount of sound that filters out to your neighbors. One approach is to move the music equipment to an outside wall. That will significantly lessen the music that the folks in the next unit hear.

Consider adding another layer of carpeting to the floor in the living and dining areas. You can rent carpeting to place over your existing rugs or carpets and lessen the sound of people walking across the room. The extra carpeting also minimizes the amount of sound that neighbors in the unit below yours can hear.

Test the Music

One afternoon before the party, turn on your music system and step outside your door. How easy is it to hear the music from outside? If you can hear it clearly, that means everyone else can also. Adjust the level until you reach something that is fine for a party but is not loud enough to keep the neighbor’s kids awake after their bed times.

Being a good neighbor means thinking about others in the building. Have your party, but be responsible about it. By using these strategies, everyone will have a good time and no one will be disturbed.

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