//Furnishing Your New Apartment: Why Leasing Now and Buying Later Makes Sense

Furnishing Your New Apartment: Why Leasing Now and Buying Later Makes Sense

Now that you have put away your clothes and the other personal items that you hauled to your new Cinnamon apartment, it’s time to think about furniture. You could use a credit card to buy everything you need, but that means not having that credit limit to use in an emergency. Have you thought about leasing furniture for six months to a year? Here are some of the reasons why this approach is right for you.

  • Setting Up is Quick

If you want to rent furnishings with an option to buy later, all it takes is proof of income, proof of identity, and proof of your address. Take your most recently paycheck stub, a copy of your lease, and your driver’s license and present them to the retailer. From there, you pick out what you want for the living room, dining room, and bedroom. In some cases, everything will be delivered and set up the same day.

  • You Get to Try Different Styles

You’re not sure what sort of furniture would be right for your place just yet. One of the nice things about a rental arrangement is that you can always change your mind and arrange for the furniture to be returned. If your plans are to try a different style and rent from the same retailer, they may even waive the pickup and delivery charges. Live with a style for a few months and it’s not quite what you want, try something different.

  • Those Annoying Life Changes

You may have a plan, but that doesn’t mean life has to follow it. Your employer could reduce your hours or close up shop altogether. That means you have to get by on less until you land another job. If you are renting the furniture, you can always call the owner and have everything picked up. Compare that to explaining to your credit card issuer why you can’t make any payments for a couple of months. You can bet one less obligation will make it easier to get through the rough patch, even if it does mean sleeping on an air mattress until things are better.

  • The Rental Fee May Be Applied to the Purchase Later On

Many furniture rental services offer rent-to-own contracts. That means if you do decide to keep the furniture, all you have to do is continue to make the same monthly or weekly payment until the contract terms are fulfilled. Assuming you locked in a decent rate, the payments will be easy to fit in the budget. It’s true you will pay a little more in the long run, but the convenience more than makes up for the difference.

There’s no need to sit on the floor in your new Cinnamon Apartments home. Get out the tape measure, write down the dimensions of each of your rooms, and pay a visit to your local furniture rental store. It won’t take long to find something that’s to your liking, sign the contract, and arrange a date for the deliver.

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