//Cheap or Free Things to Do in Hayward After You Settle in Your Apartment

Cheap or Free Things to Do in Hayward After You Settle in Your Apartment

Now that you’ve finished with the move into your new Cinnamon Apartments unit, it’s time to start finding out what the area has to offer. Right now your funds are limited so free entertainment is at the top of your list. Here are some free activities that will keep you amused.

Hayward Japanese Gardens

Located on North 3rd Street, these are some of the oldest Japanese gardens in the state. There are plenty of graceful trails that provide the ideal place for a walk when you need some peace and quiet to think. You’ll also find plenty of places to curl up with a book or your Kindle for some down time.

Garin Regional Park

Does the idea of tossing some food in a picnic basket and heading out for some fresh air and sunshine seem great? Grab a friend and go over to Garin Park located on Garin Avenue. There’s plenty of room to spread out a blanket, enjoy the meal, and maybe curl up under a tree for a quick nap. While at the parks, walk around and enjoy the wildlife found in different parts of the facility.

Depending on the time of year, you can also attend different festivals and events at the Park. There’s an annual apple festival that features entertainment, contests, and plenty of different apple dishes to sample. You can also find plenty of fun around Halloween with several funny and creepy events that are ideal for every member of the family.

Hayward Regional Shoreline

How about a walk along the water? There’s almost five miles of graveled trails to make it easy. If you like to fish, bring along the pole and some lures. You’ll find several spots around the levees that are posted for fishing. You may get lucky and bring home a nice mess of fish to fry up in your kitchen.

Don Castro Regional Recreation Area

You can spend weeks exploring different parts of the Don Castro Regional Recreation Area and enjoy all sorts of activities. There are places for swimming, including a lagoon that’s noted for the clear blue water. You will come across some great spots to do some fishing. If you like the spend time at the beach, grab a towel and some suntan lotion. For your safety, there are lifeguards on duty during posted hours.

The Century Theater

Are you in the mood to take in a movie? If you go to the Century Theater on B Street, you’ll have your choice of 12 different movies to enjoy. The theater uses the latest in digital technology, so the sound and the video will be tops in quality. If you like the whole movie-going experience complete with drinks, popcorn, and other assorted snacks, there are plenty to choose from in the lobby.

While you may need to watch the spending this week, that doesn’t mean you have to sit at home. Get out and try some of these free or cheap activities that are all within easy driving distance of your Cinnamon Apartments home. You may even make some new friends along the way.

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